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Kara DioGuardi’s Experience with Edibles

Kara DioGuardi on Pot Brownies

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Thursday, 26 May 2011 21:01

Former American Idol judge and songwriter Kara DioGuardi claims she “almost died” after accidentally eating pot brownies at Paula Abdul’s house several years ago.

Kara Dioguardi

“She went away and let me stay at her place,” DioGuardi told George Lopez on Wednesday night. “The maid found some brownies. She took them out of the freezer and left them in the refrigerator. There were these little nuggets. Six hours later I was like, [slowly] ‘Hey, what’s going on? Oh yeah.’ I fell out of bed on the floor. I stumbled downstairs. I was like: ‘Brain tumor!’ The ambulance comes and this guy goes, ‘Bitch is high as a kite.’ (cue to 4:20)

“I don’t even smoke pot,” DioGuardi continued. “Three days in bed. The maid had one. She went to the hospital. I had six. I almost died. I was hallucinating. I was on IV. I stumbled out like a junkie. But when they went down, I was like, ‘Damn, these things are good. I gotta get more of those…'”

This reminds us of the cop who ate pot brownies and called 911 because he thought he’d overdosed. “I think we’re dying,” Officer Edward Sanchez insisted.

Last year DioGaurdi left Idol to to be the head judge on Platinum Hit on Bravo (Mondays at 10 pm EST).


Pot Brownies shut down Prom!


NORTH ANDOVER, Mass. – Marijuana brownies put a premature end to the junior prom at one Massachusetts high school. The dance for students of North Andover High School was shut down early Friday night after four students were hospitalized because they ate the pot-laced brownies before attending the prom, according to CBS station WBZ. As many as eleven students consumed the baked goods at the school before going to the prom itself. The brownies were handed out by another student, reports the North Andover Patch newspaper. “In the course of the investigation, it was determined that 19 brownies had apparently been distributed by a student earlier in the day before arriving for the evening at the high school,” North Andover Superintendent Chris Hottel said. The prom was held at the Atkinson Country Club in southern New Hampshire. All four of the students that went to the hospital were sent home. While they’re doing fine, the school said they will face disciplinary action, WBZ reported. North Andover police are investigating, too.

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How To: Make Pot Brownies!!!


– A couple grams of weed
– Any type of cooking oil besides olive
– Any basic brownie mix that uses oil
– Grinder (for weed)
– Coffee filter with screen
– Measuring cup
– Spoon/spatula
– Smallish pan
– Brownie pan

The Oil:

  1. Grind your weed to a powder. It’s important that you get it as ground up as possible so the most surface area is exposed. More surface = more cannaboids exposed = you get higher.
  2. Mix your powder weed with your oil. Put in enough so that the oil is able to cover the weed completely when you put it in your pan. The less oil you use, the more potent it is.
  3. Put the mixture into a pan for about 25 – 35 minutes until it’s almost at a simmer.
  4. Let it cool for a few minutes once it’s done. We’re almost done learning how to make weed brownies.

Filtering The Oil:

  1. Grab your filter that I told you to get earlier.
  2. Put your oil through the filter.
  3. Do it again.
  4. Do it a third time. We don’t want any left over weed as there’s no THC left in it and it’s gross if you eat it in brownies.

Baking Process:

  1. Mix in your oil to the brownies.
  2. Go back and mix it in a little more. It’s easy to get it uneven. If it’s uneven, there might be no THC in one brownie and TONS in another. We want them all to be even.
  3. Follow the directions on your brownie package.
  4. Bake your brownies. IMPORTANT: Do not cook your brownies over 325 degrees Fahrenheit no matter what the brownie package says. If you burn the THC, your brownies will be worthless and you will have wasted all your weed.

Why Should I Make Weed Brownies?

1) Weed brownies are delcicious.
2) You can give a weed brownie to someone who thinks it’s a regular brownie. This can be a teacher, parent, friend, or police officer!
3) Eating weed brownies is discreet. You can eat one in public and no one will care, although they may think that you’re fat.
4) Some say that edibles get you higher than regular smoking.
5) Potent weed brownies will glue you to your couch. This can also be a bad thing.

Mark Your Brownies!

I had an interesting experience this weekend. My oven is quite large, so I decided to teach my friend how to make weed brownies while I made regular brownies from scratch. The plan was to eat the weed brownies first, and then if we got the munchies, eat the delicious, from scratch, regular brownies.

Things took a turn for the worse. After 2 weed brownies each (my friend had learned how to make weed brownies effectively) we were stoned out of our minds, which was good.

As you might know, being high sometimes impairs your judgement. We went into the kitchen… and… STARTED EATING ALL THE WEED BROWNIES.

Halfway through the pan, we realized this. Uh oh. We freaked out for a second, then went along for the ride.

Essentially, if you don’t mark your weed brownies after you learn how to make weed brownies, you might eat them by accident. For us, we were in space for about 30 minutes and then literally could not stay awake. We tried getting up and moving around, it was impossible, we needed to crash and sleep. So we did.

We woke up 7 hours later… still high. Edibles last forever, and these seriously destroyed us. The good thing was that we were rested, so we just chilled, listened to music, etc.

We are regular marijuana smokers so we didn’t freak out, but if you are new and are learning how to make weed brownies for the first time, MARK THEM. You will waste weed and get too high if you don’t and eat them by accident.

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