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Dispensary Video: Vale Tudo Cafe

Cafe Vale Tudo
24601 Raymond Way, Suite 9B
Lake Forest, CA 92630

Did You Know This About Marijuana?


Bong Smoking Game

If you and your stoner circle like to rip your bongs then this is the game for you!
The aim of the bong smoking game is to smoke the weed in your bong quicker than everyone in the circle can.

The prize: Before the game, everybody puts there bit towards a joint to be rolled by the winner.

How to play the bong game:
1. After putting your bit of weed in for the winners spliff, everybody participating in the game should pack a nice fat bowl.
2. Once the bowls have been packed someone says “3, 2, 1 toke!”
3. The first person to finish burning the contents of their bowl wins.
4. The winner rolls the joint, sparks that doobie and shares it with the losing friends!

This is a very fun smoking game guaranteed to get you high as hell!

Song of the Day!

Bitty Bong Bong

What the Hell is Up With This Marijuana Leaf, Anyway?

By: Steve Elliott

Ever since I started writing about marijuana, every time I look for related images online I keep running across a pot leaf photo that just doesn’t make sense.

Unfortunately, it seems to be one of the most popular “marijuana” photos on the web, and, in fact, is the top result for a Google image search on the term “marijuana.” Annoyingly, it’s also the top image result for “marijuana leaf.”
But there’s something just wrong looking about that leaf, and it doesn’t take long to figure out why.
This photo — which Discovery Health says it sourced from — seems to show what looks like a female cannabis flower coming out the base of a marijuana leaf, where the leaf blades meet the leaf stem.
Now, I know isn’t known as the best place for accurate weed info. In fact, it’s covered with those maddening “fake marijuana” ads for “legal buds.” But are they really the source of this photo? I’ve not been able to find it on the site.

I’m not saying the photo is absolutely impossible, but I believe it’s just inaccurate — at least, I’ve never seen that happen. Have you? If so, do you have a photo?
Cannabis flowers, as all know, occur either at the very tips of stems, or right against the main stalk of the plant. This is true for both males and females. And while leaves often grow out of buds, buds don’t grow out of leaves — buds grow only out of stalks or stems.
This photo is all the more irritating because of its ubiquity. Seemingly no matter where one looks on the web, there it is, again and again, displaying its botanical unlikelihood as a supposedly representative picture of marijuana in article after article.
It seems to be a real favorite whenever a “mainstream” site is doing a “marijuana article” and looking for a royalty-free photo.
If the bud were down at the base of the leaf stem, rather than at the base of the leaf blades where they meet the stem, I would be more inclined to accept it as genuine. But since I’ve never seen a bud grow at this particular spot on a leaf, I’m skeptical.
There’s only the one photo, seemingly everywhere, showing this phenomenon. I’ve never been able to uncover another one like it.
Who took — or faked — this photo? Why does it depict a bud growing out the base of the topside of a leaf? And why is this inaccurate photo — or, at least, very atypical photo — the most popular marijuana photo on the Web?
marijuana-leaf sized.jpg
Photo: Retro Tee Shirts
An actual marijuana leaf doesn’t have flowers at the base of the leaf blades, where they meet the stem.
Photo: Weed Farmer
Cannabis flowers typically grow out of stalks and stems, not out of leaves.


Poll: 74% Of Americans Favor Legalizing Medical Marijuana In Their State

A recent Harris Poll survey that polled over 3,100 adults online found that 74% of respondents support legalizing medical marijuana in their state, with 48% saying they strongly support it. When asked about legalizing recreational use, support came in at 42% with 49% opposed.

Not surprisingly, the east and west coasts of the U.S. support legalization the most, with 50% in both regions supporting recreational legalization. The south region polled as least supportive.

420times 000006813391XSmall 150x150 Poll: 74% Of Americans Favor Legalizing Medical Marijuana In Their StateWhen asked about who should make the decision about legalization, 44% say it should be a state matter, while 40% think the feds should handle it. Either way, this poll shows the overwhelming support in this country for medical marijuana, and the growing support for recreational legalization.

Yet medical marijuana seems to remain a controversial issue. Why? If polls regularly showed 95% support for medical marijuana, would that make a difference? Or is it more of a matter politicians not caring? Or beyond that, is it a side effect of the fact that old white guys hold most of the elected positions in this country?

But times are changing. Progress may seem slow to some, but small, positive steps lead to the overall momentum we now enjoy. Legalization is inevitable as older politicians pass away and younger ones take their place.

It is up to us to speed legalization along.

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